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I’m Not Unique, But You Are

“You’re an exceptional student.” “The photos you take are incredible.” “You’re an amazing tournament organizer.” “I heard you’re great at Melee.” These sentences exist on a list of a few compliments I often receive. They encompass much of what I invest my time into—playing Melee, organizing events, getting good grades. People who invest much of […]

Collaboration and Playing for Someone Else

This past month led me to try something I never really cared about in the past, which was Melee doubles. For a long time I found static teams in Melee interesting, especially when I first started playing the game and there were teams like Armada & Android and PewPewU & SFAT. Being an avid sports […]

Learning to Climb: A Personal Reflection of 2021

If there’s one word to describe this year for me, it’d be improvement. In almost every facet of my life there has been a tangible, noticeable improvement I have made that I am satisfied with. The surprising part about this to me is not the improvement itself, but rather my feelings toward it. While I’ve […]