Tournament Organizing Resources

How to Create an Event Page

This is a video I made that aired during Rollback Rumble: The Big One. It didn’t feel right to upload onto my channel but I believe it’s a useful resource for newer tournament organizers, which is why I’m posting it here. It goes over how to set up a proper event page with all of the necessary information on, which will help you get more players to sign up for your events.

Tournament Safety Guidelines

These tournament safety guidelines are posted on all of my event pages and outline the rules at my events. I recommend using this as a template and creating your own guidelines that can easily be shared to increase the safety of all attendees at your events.

A Basic Guide on How to Run Smash Tournaments

A very elementary guide for newer tournament organizers that I wrote September of 2020. It contains my personal methodology for how to find venues, calculate expenses, and effectively advertise tournaments for them to experience growth. The guide is somewhat outdated and was created when I had less experience running events, but I still think people looking to start hosting events can use this as a good starting point.